Among its other benefits, a company nursery is a great tool to help you attract and keep employees. 75% of employees questioned in a Babilou survey* responded that a nursery place has helped them to feel more loyal to their company. 84% said that this service meant they were less stressed and more efficient at work.

By reserving childcare places for your employees, you strengthen your image as a socially responsible business, while promoting gender equality, well being at work and a successful work-life balance.

That is why we suggest you reserve childcare places for your employees.

In addition to our nursery in Mies, we have a network of nurseries and day care partners spread across the cantons of Vaud and Geneva. This network allows us to find the best solution for each of your employees: close to home, close to their workplace or on their commute, thus promoting the welfare of the children and their family.

Babilou uses its experience in the field to advise and support companies in the implementation of their early childhood policies: analysis of the company’s HR data, the choice of award criteria, management of pre-registration campaigns and waiting lists, communication of results to employees.

Babilou puts all its expertise to work to ensure the success of the project and the satisfaction of the families.

* Study carried out by Babilou on 1,838 parents having a nursery place – March 2014.