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19 May 2020

How to create online memories safely for your children

There’s a multitude of memories created during childhood. A few years ago, a lot of families were still choosing huge photo albums to preserve them, but this tradition is slowly becoming a bit outdated now that we are in the era of the smartphone and taking cute pics every day.

Some parents use social media to keep track of everything that happened to their children. It could be dangerous for two reasons: first we are never sure of the real privacy of our account. Even “private” one can be hacked in pretty easily. Or there could be a technical issue and your account would be deleted with all the pretty memories you spent hours to create on it.

Find your online diary

We searched some free and safe resources to help you create long lasting memories of your little ones!

Monkkee : the security champion ! 

Starting with Monkkee, probably the safest option out there. This online journal allows you to write entries, every day if you want it, and upload pictures with it. There’s a double encryption process, one on your device, one with the server. This security process is also used by governments and banks to ensure the absolute safety of the information. There’s no app, but you can connect on your phone anyway and the website is well thought, so you’ll be able to enter anything, anywhere you want it. The only downside is that this level of security does not allow to have your code back if forgotten.

After we contacted them, Christina, one of the co-creators of Monkkee, informed us that they already have multiple people using their service as a pregnancy journal. We think it is really easy to start like this and continue it after your new family member joins you.

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Penzu : the versatility winner


With Penzu, you have access to an online journal on their website, plus an app compatible IOS et Android. The strong point of their system is really this practicality. You can quickly write some lines on your phone no matter where you are, it takes less time than an advertising break on CNN.

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The only cons is that a lot of the “custom” features are part of a pro-monthly paying-plan. But you will have more than enough with the regular possibilities.

One interesting option is that it is possible to download all your entries as a PDF anytime you want. Great idea for a gift, to do once a year to still have something physical to remember.


FutureMe : the time-traveler

One idea you can apply when your child is a bit older: ask them to give themselves advices or messages. You can either write it or maybe film them. And send it into the future, thanks to the website FutureMe, which allows you to send emails to yourself that you will receive in one, two, or even ten years ! You just need to set up a basic email address that only you and your child will have access too.


To summarize it up:

  • Use Monkkee, the privacy champion, as an intimate childhood journal
  • Try Penzu on the go, on their app or website, to keep tracks of important events
  • Or create wonderful surprises for the next years of your children with FutureMe !
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