Who are the Babilou team members?

All of Babilou’s nurseries fulfill the criteria of the current regulations. In the cantons of Vaud and Geneva, the nursery teams are made up of 2/3 qualified professionals and 1/3 of para-professional assistants.

What is Babilou’s learning philosophy?

Our learning philosophy favours the acquisition of autonomy and self-esteem, in a safe environment suitable for the age of the children, all under the watchful and benevolent eye of an adult.

From what age and until what age does Babilou accept children?

Babilou nurseries and preschools welcome children from the end of maternity leave and until the mandatory age for entry to school (4 years old on 31st July).

What is the adjustment period? Is it compulsory at Babilou?

The adjustment period is essential. It allows the child to have a smooth, positive, separation from their family. It also offers the parents an opportunity to bond with the team and to familiarize themselves with the host environment

Can I leave my child at Babilou if they are sick?

or safety and for the comfort of the child, we accept children whose temperature does not exceed 38.5 ° C. If this limit is exceeded, we will ask parents to kindly pick up their children.

Wherever possible, drugs prescribed to children are administered by parents. In cases where the professional will have to give the child medication, we ask the parents to mark it clearly with the child’s name and attach the dosage prescribed by the doctor to it. A written release will also be signed in the presence of the director.

My child has a handicap, can they get a place in a Babilou nursery?

It is possible to look after children with handicaps in Babilou nurseries and day care centres. If the request for a place is accepted then it will be subject to a special agreement between the parents and the nursery or day care centre.

Can I leave my child only two days a week?

Children are accepted in accordance with the available places. In order to ensure that the child has continuity, a minimum attendance of two half-days is required.

Can I drop my child after 9?

At Babilou, we understand that family organization is sometimes complicated. We welcome children every morning until 10 am. But, for the comfort of all the other children, we ask parents not to arrive after 10 am.

What do I need to do to get a nursery or preschool place through my employer?

If you ask us to, Babilou will liaise with your employer to explain to them the benefits of reserving childcare places for its employees. This will also allow you to benefit from a negotiated rate on your nursery place. Contact us for more information.

What is a partner nursery?

A partner nursery is not a Babilou nursery, but it is one which meets Babiblou’s quality standards. Thanks to Babilou, and in conjunction with your employer, you can get a place at negotiated rate with one of our partners. Visit our network of partner nurseries and apply for a place – we’ll call you as soon as possible.