It’s Carnival in Babilou Mies!

28 March 2018

New Year’s, Epiphany, Chinese New Year’s, the winter holidays, every day is different! All these dates offer many opportunities for us to organize fun activities and parties within our daycares.  Our educational teams are not lacking in creativity and enthusiasm to celebrate such events, quite the contrary!

One of these celebrations began all over the world in January and will end in a few weeks in May! What is it? It’s Carnival of course, which is always a moment looked forward to by all!

At the Babilou Mies daycare, our team celebrated this tradition on February, 13, Mardi Gras day, the most important day of the Carnival period. The team invited families to celebrate the event. All parents got a chance to sing, dance, meet and have fun with the children and professionals.

Fairies, princesses, ladybugs, super heroes, pirates or jungle animals, the children were as always caught up in the game by dressing up in their most beautiful costumes for Carnival!

Our teams had prepared this event a few weeks before in order to imagine fun family workshops to explore. In our educational project, learning rhymes with pleasure and play! Alongside their parents, children let their imagination run free during a painting workshop, made their own mask and developed their motor skills while exploring a play area.

These festive moments also make it possible for different families and age groups to meet. For families, it is also an opportunity to meet the professionals who look after their children as they grow up and change groups.

And because we cannot imagine celebrating Carnival without a small snack, our teams also baked cakes to the joy of children and their families!

“The objective was above all to spend a friendly moment together and we were all very happy to come together to celebrate Carnival. Even children who are not enrolled that day came to celebrate with us.” Elsa Dos Santos, Director of the Babilou Mies daycare.

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