At Babilou, we welcome children with one priority: stimulating their development. Day after day, we accompany children as they construct their identity and learn autonomy. Our nurseries are planned so that children can explore in complete safety.

Places are designed in tandem with the relevant authorities and are regularly checked so as to guarantee the security of the children we welcome, and to make sure that there is an optimal level of surveillance from our professional staff. All of Babilou’s spaces respect current legislation regarding hygiene and security.

Very young children need emotional security above all. When this has been established, then they can open up to others and naturally develop their motor and cognitive skills. In order to boost the emotional security of all children, we think carefully about the layout and create varied and stable material points of reference: each space has a clear objective (eating, sleeping, being clean, playing, running) so that the children know where they are.

With babies, the layout includes little furniture to allow their movement to be free. However, we also make sure that we have a design which allows children to try standing up whilst leaning on something in complete safety.

For toddlers, we have soft carpets, foam soft-play structures (stairs, ramps, tunnels), toys and various supplies which allow children to explore different sensations.

For the older ones, the space is organized into small corners, designed for playing imaginative or role play games alone or in a group. A separate space allows children to come together and have shared experiences which become more and more appreciated by children as they grow older.

Whatever their function, all spaces are made attractive and comfortable with lighting, outdoor views, or the chance to make sensory or cognitive discoveries. In every group, a space is dedicated towards welcoming families and allows parents to drop off or pick up their children in comfort, all whilst encouraging communication with our professionals.