Ready, Steady, Go!

29 August 2017

Children at Babilou Mies met recently, Valentine and Lionel, coaches from “Energy Kids Academy”.

“Energy Kids Academy” is a group of professionals dedicated to teaching sports to children.

As soon as the coaches arrived, they transformed the Babilou Mies garden into a well-equipped obstacle course and sports field. Using stories, Valentine and Lionel got the children in the toddler (18-36 months) and preschool (3 years old and up) groups moving. They were given 5 different challenges: with great creativity and imagination the children avoided crocodiles, walked through tunnels, jumped in and over puddles, hopped like bunnies and threw rockets into the sky.

The children were not only having fun, they were exploring balance and coordination while developing their physical, sensory and motor skills.

These activities allowed children to discover in an amusing way the basic movements found in most sports. For instance, the movement they used when playing with rockets, move the rocket well behind the ear and throw, is the same one used when serving in tennis.

“For a child to be able to learn a movement it is important that he or she repeats it several times. However, exercises with young children should not last more than 5 or 6 minutes in order to keep them focused and motivated.
Our specificity lies in a pedagogical approach to sports. We offer sports programs adapted to each child’s own pace. We organize sessions in small groups for children of the same age; 8-10 children maximum. This method allows for a lot of one on one time which helps build self-confidence and self-esteem in children while encouraging their participation and effort” Lionel.

These activities were extremely successful for both the children and the educational team. They will gladly repeat the experience!

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